Spookshow inc. Visions of the blinded world (pt​.​1)

by Spookshow inc.

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Industrial rock drama in Spookshow inc. debut album Visions of the blinded world pt.1.Epic and conceptual album incorporating modern electronic,ethnic,industrial and rock sounds and grooves in song format.
Musically album includes echoes and influences of electro industrial bands such as NIN, Front 242,Skinny Puppy,Die Krupps, more heavy guitar driven grooves reminiscent of Rob Zombie intertwined with interludes of instrumental music,asian ethnic sounds playing along to sampled beats in best tradition of Prodigy, Aphex Twin and Chemical Brothers.
Lyrically album is about controversies of western civilization of the day seen through the eyes of personal drama of the storyteller.
Album title describes it best!
Album is released as a cd digipak and comes with 12 page booklet including copyrighted illustrations and lyrics to each of albums 10 songs.


released December 21, 2013



all rights reserved


Spookshow inc. Norway

Spookshow inc. is an international project/band based in Norway. Spookshow inc. dates back to 2003 when Lucky Spook (guitar, programming, songwriting, producer for the project) and Soltex (vocals) joined forces in pursuit of creating a fresh and original industrial rock band.
The sound of the band can be described as a mixture of Pink Floyd, Prodigy and Paradise Lost.
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Track Name: New World Crash
World is changing frantically mightily,over night its changes are blasting me
I am the new born boy with sensibility,dragging my thoughts until i finally spit it
New world has spread the magic dust,breathing them in have got my ass a blast
Kicked out to meet the stars and gone for fucking dead ones

Taking a ride in the new world
Spoken words sound like thousands of bells
Blinded by lights of the new world
I hit the trail that the shining star tells

Start get the music-create fire
Start get the music-get higher
Start get the music-create fire
Start get the music-create fire

Taking a ride in the new world
Thoughts run around with the speed of light
Fantastically carried away, everlasting
And i am extented in time

stay up all night
and outside the world is getting cold,growing old
how this can be
how this world will carry on,without me
sometimes i feel like my life is just a dream ,so unreal
and now its time to shake off all the demons what walk behind me...
Track Name: Scary Dream
Carried away into a scary dream
its trick or treat-game has begun
snake is the queen and there is unicorn
wears crown of thorns pointing at me

Follow them down into a blizzard storm
time is short my blood runs cold
life is at stake and winner looses it all
fate and things,rituals and kings

Pack of hounded dogs behind my back
deep forest track, there is no turning back

One last dream before i wake up
something holds me back,something drags me back
flying through the time and space i realize
reality is the scariest dream of all

I never thought it can be real,my eyes are blind but i can see
in gloomy cave i find a stone,to my surprise it speaks to me
it says:
i miss the moon,the sun
atom heart mother-Mars is my brother
Track Name: Falling Down pt.2
....From high above i see my body
Learning to fall i cast no shadow

I am falling like a dark angel
Falling like a black devil
I am falling like a dark angel
Falling like i devil
I am falling like...

I am in your mind...
Track Name: Requiem For a Vision
Frozen in snow are my memories
Lost in dark eternity
All i ever wanted
is to cross the river into oblivion

Just the other night i had this vision
I saw myself dying frozen in ice
Shadows twisted in the night like dragons
Reflected in the mirrors of my eyes

Captured like a devils own
I feel my desires are letting me go
I have discovered all the worlds
Reapers creepers take the silver swords

Now i see dark god arise
Find my name written in the shadow book
Say damnation game is over
Come with me,its been so long

Caught in traps monster
Slave of the chaotic human world
My lifelong passion
For poetry ,twilight and gold

Doctor can you wake my soul
From my scariest dream
Through the times i felt i lived
Through the times unreal

This time i just want to fly
Catch my plane in time
And you said there is a lot to see
Beyond the million lies
Track Name: Dead Shot Baby
... Dead shot baby-bang bang you are dead now
Doomsday angel, hellfire spitting bitch
Hell sent angel,your game is deadly
Dead shot baby,you never ever missed one shot
Dark soul lady,who is your master
Dead shot baby-what hides behind your eyes?

You aim for the heart,dead body falls hard
There is no runner that fast that silver bullet cant catch
Marry cries in the sky,rain of tears,rivers of pain
You open the door to another life
That final shot into eternal night
And if you could you would blow it all
This life,this day,the outside world
And if it was your last heartbeat you would still shoot
Cos you are so cool
Dead shot baby...
Track Name: My Secret Plan feat. Matangi Shakti
Run river run,take my body to the ocean
Up in the sky,touch the mountain,breath the light, to the stars now
Come my angel,stay beside me, take my pain, lead the way now
Gone with the wind,dust returns to earth, sweet and sad life i leave behind

I have a secret plan
For another life
Next time we meet
I will know why

Heading back home,leave the dark night,forget this cold life,
Its been a long ride
Rise and fall of my empire before my eyes it blows my mind
Was born to die,i did it my way and still alive
I cover the light years
Crystal clear is my new vision,my new transition
Eternal mission

I have a secret plan
For another life
I will talk about it later
Time is short-i have to leave
Track Name: Cyberage
I am the beast of your creation
Holy sign of degradation
Never told you what i see
In my dreams of hipocrisy

Born in century of hate
Isolation has no end
Feeling save cos here is the master
Cyberage hypnotic bastard

Cyberage its what i am
Fear and hate i am breathing
Rest in pain you are my slave
Off your dreams i am feeding

Devil man its what i am
Fear and hate i am breathing
Rest in pain,you are my slave
Off your dreams im feeding
Track Name: Map Of The World
...Leaving old tracks to dust i open the map of the world,its lined with highways and bridges-how many i still have to cross?Born in land of thousand lakes,raised by wolves i used to fly.Now i have snakes in my veins and toxigens run in my brain.Your images used to wake me from my darkest moments in life,but now you belong to another world and vultures pick up at my eyes.

Just emptiness ,loneliness, insanity

Climbing up the highest mountain
Deep inside my heart is bleeding

Time stops here.And for a short moment i drift on images and recollections of good times and dreams,i hear fragmented speeches.
I see my favorite faces turning to misshapen masks,my heroes dead
and their pride is stolen.

Going blind, getting wise, imprisoned by cancer

Climbing up the highest mountain
Deep inside my heart is bleeding

I close the map of the world-place full of hate and despair.Carrying my
cross through the centuries-what did i find?

Just emptiness, loneliness, insanity....
Track Name: Other Side Of Time (Vision Of The Blinded World)
..We gave up our freedom for the momentary gain
we forgot our spiritual nature underway
in this illusionary game of riches,power and the fame
i see a billion bleeding hearts behind the bars of isolation
forever these internal enemies will fight on
i have a feeling i have already been there
in search of faith my destiny and peace
i leave time mystery unsolved for now
i take a break..

..On the other side of time
of all that lies ahead and is left behind
we all have our time machines switched on-our memories
the tricks of human mind,the flashbacks of history repeating
of prophecies untold and books unwritten
lost in madness of duality and choice
forever fighting an elusive battle of our worst fears coming true
there is no religion to heal my wounded soul
this is a vision of the blinded world..